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How to maintain Plastic Injection Mold? – Two aspects of injection maintenance

How to maintain Plastic Injection Mold? – Two aspects of injection maintenance

The sliding parts, guide parts and cores on the mold should be observed at any time, checked regularly, and explained in the shift record

The successor should refuel on the working face of the sliding part, especially in the case of high temperature in summer, should refuel twice per shift to prevent dry friction and cause the working face to be strained. During normal operation, short-term shutdown, more than half a day is expected, the surface of the cavity should be coated with anti-rust oil, especially in the rainy season and when the air is humid, even if the time is short, corresponding treatment should be carried out to prevent moisture in the air from modulating the mold. Corrosion on the cavity surface can affect the quality of injection molded plastic parts.

Mold derusting and degreasing treatment

During the use of the mold, there are often residues, leftovers, oil stains, etc. in the release agent. If it is not cleaned in time, it will affect the molding of the mold. After removing these impurities, use butter to prevent rust. However, after the butter is oxidized, it will absorb the moisture in the air, and the adhesion to the mold is not strong. The gap between the grease and the cavity surface can create moisture, which can lead to rust. Therefore, special anti-rust oil should be used during maintenance. Molds that have been stored for a period of time must be degreased before use. Otherwise, the oil inlet surface of the mold cavity, inserts and ejector pins will often seep out during molding, causing defects in the injection molded parts. Degreasing is very important,  especially for transparent injection molded parts and other surface-transparent injection molded parts. The method to remove oil stains is to first disassemble the mold, and then scrub the rod and insert with a solvent such as kerosene. For parts that cannot be disassembled, solvent can be injected while scrubbing and purged with compressed air. Cavity degreasing can be cleaned with solvents such as ethanol or acetone.



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