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Plastic Fan mold

Plastic Fan mold

1.Rich experience in mould making.
2.Excellent R&D team.
3.Efficiency production department.
4.Competitive price in save level of mould manufactuers.

Product Details

Mold Name: Plastic Fan mold
Mold cavity: H13
Mold core: H13 with beryllium bronze
Mold Base: P20
njection system: Yudo hot runner, 6 valve gates
Cycle Time: 25s
Mold Size:


Life time: 7-800,000shots
Injection Machine Size: 380T

Delivery Time:

50 days


Anti-Rust oil, plastic film &. Strong wooden box or pallet.
Location: Taizhou, China.
Business Type: Manufacturer.
MOQ: 1 Set.
Trade Terms:  FOB &. CIF 

Payment Terms:

TT &. L/C.
30% prepayment before design making, 30% payment after T1 sample,
40% remaining before mold shipment.


How To Control The Concentricity Of Fan Mould?

The concentricity of the Plastic Fan mold consists of two sides of the cavity and the core.

For the cavity of the Plastic Fan mold, we make it with circular inserts and insert them into the mold base, and the circular inserts can be machined by CNC lathes.

The core side of the Plastic Fan mold consists of the top plate and the core insert. Our ejector plates made into rings can be machined with CNC lathes, and core inserts made into cylinders can also be made in the same way. The centrifugal fan blades on the core insert are made by slow wire cutting. A slow wire cutter cuts the outer surface 4 times to find the center of the core. The leaves made by wire cutting are very smooth and do not require any polishing. There are still many details to pay attention to in the production of centrifugal fan molds. Usually, if one of the processes is done wrong, the mold cannot be used.

How To Order Plastic Fan Ventilador Mould From Us?

The Quality, Material, Delivery Time, Price, Payment Item, etc.

Part feasibility analysis:

1.3D/2D drawing & customer tool standard specification.

2. Design meeting (project manager, R&D, toolmaker, processing engineer).

3. Mold flow (if necessary) video or analysis in PDF.

4. Layout Solution.

Tool Design-DFM:

1. Tool design to customer for approval.

2. Tool design adjusts according to customer comments.

3. Repeat this until the customer's final approval.

Mold Processing:

1. Schedule.

2. Send final detailed daily schedule to customer.

3. Procedure Control.

4. Weekly report to the customer by photos, E-mails, Skype meetings

5. Project manager daily follow up according to schedule.

Preparation for mold tryout:
The project manager gets information on the sample quantity, color, and raw material ready for the processing engineer.

T1-Sample Confirm:

1. ISIR (Initial Sample Inspection Report) for 2-5 samples, depending on part size.

2. Samples to customer.

3. PFU (Problem Follow Up) which contains photos of detailed issues and solutions.

Modification & Correction:

1. Dimension correction upon ISIR and customer feedback upon samples.

2. Evaluate with customer for modifications and supply new trial time.

3. Repeat until customer final approval on samples

Tool Inspection:

1. Final self tool inspection.

2. Some customers come over for tool inspection.

3. Capability study by running small batch production.


Arrange service for tool delivery shipping.

Send delivery information (ETD, ETA, Vessel name, etc) to the customer.



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