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Fiber Reinforced SMC Shell Mold

Fiber Reinforced SMC Shell Mold

Product Details

Mold Name: SMC Shell Press Mold
Product Material: SMC
Mold Steel For Cavity: 1.2344
Mold Steel For Core: 1.2311
Steel For Mold Base: XC48
Surface: Chorme
Heating Option: thermal oil heating
Mold Standard For Components: HASCO
Mold Estimated Size: 1950x1175x900mm
Mold Weight: 4360KG
Press Machine Size: 850T
Mold Finished Time: 45 days
Package: Anti-Rust oil, plastic film &. Strong wooden box or pallet.
Location: Taizhou, China
Business Type: Manufacturer
MOQ: 1 Set
Trade Terms: FOB &. CIF
Payment Terms:
TT &. L/C.
30% prepayment before design making, 30% payment after T1 sample, 40% remaining before mold shipment.

1.Molding temperature
The molding temperature of SMC depends mainly on the type of resin and curing agent. In order to make the inner surface of the SMC product smooth and tidy, it is required that the upper and lower molds have a certain temperature difference, and the upper mold temperature is generally 5~10 ° C higher than the lower mold.

2. Forming pressure
The size of the molding pressure should be determined according to the shape of the product and the characteristics of the SMC used. The higher the degree of thickening of the sheet molding compound, the greater the molding pressure required; the lower the fluidity, the smaller the molding area and the greater the molding pressure required. 1.To select a suitable molding pressure. 2.Good pressurization timing. 3.The pressure relief.

3. Pressure keeping time
The holding time refers to the time of holding and holding pressure under molding pressure and molding temperature. Its function is to completely cure the product and eliminate internal stress, mainly depending on two factors: First, the curing reaction time of the molding material. The second is the unstable heat conduction time, that is, the time required for the heat source to transfer heat to the center of the cavity through the mold, so that the temperature of the molding material at the center of the cavity reaches its chemical reaction temperature. The holding time should be considered simultaneously with the molding pressure and molding temperature. According to various influencing factors, the packing time is generally 0.8~1.2min per mm thick.



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