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Hot Runner Auto Bumper Mould

Hot Runner Auto Bumper Mould

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Product Details

Mold Name: Hot Runner Bumper Mold
Material: PP+EPDM(Contraction:1,5%)
Bumper Size: 1800*510*460mm
Steel For Cavity &. Core: S50C
Steel For Mold Base: S50C
Injection System: Yudo 3 direct injection gates
Mold Estimated size:


Mold Weight: 13500KG
Injection Machine Size: 1850T


Mold Finished Time: 95 days.


Anti-Rust oil, plastic film &. Strong wooden box or pallet.
Location: Taizhou, China
Business Type: Manufacturer.
MOQ: 1 Set.
Trade Terms: FOB &. CIF

Payment Terms:

TT &. L/C.
30% prepayment before design making, 30% payment after T1 sample,
40% remaining before mold shipment.

The Function Of The Auto Bumper
1.Protection function &. Pedestrian protection function.
2.Device functions
3.Ventilation channel
4.Decoration function
5.Improve aerodynamic characteristics
The Sturcture Of Bumper Mold
1.Wall thickness The larger the demolding angle, the easier the part is to be demolded, but it is easy to cause uneven thickness of parts and affect mold manufacturing precision.
2.Reinforcing ribs Reinforcement must be applied at some points such as holes, large curved surfaces or mounting points to increase strength and rigidity.
3.Rounded corners The minimum fillet for a typical part is R0.5, but the parting surface is not rounded, otherwise it will increase manufacturing costs and difficulty. The hole-hole shape should be as simple as possible, and the hole should be kept at a certain distance from the wall. The hole-to-boundary minimum is at least 1.5 times the aperture. 4.Inner parting structure The inner parting line is set on the invisible B side, so that the processing error or the flash produced by the mold after long-term production will not affect the appearance quality of the product.


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AOXU is famous China OEM Hot Runner Auto Bumper Mould suppliers and custom Hot Runner Auto Bumper Mould company, has highly specialized mold in designing and manufacturing for Auto part mold, Home appliance mold, Industrial product mold,Hot Runner Auto Bumper Mould , SMC &. BMC mold We insist on our mission of “Benefitting the world through precision and strength”;
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Adhere to our value of “To maximize value for the customer, to work with a grateful heart, to win respect with love, to be responsible for yourself, to be responsible for the enterprise, to be responsible for the community, sustaining quality, and to make each detail to better”.

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