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Beyond India, More And More Asian Countries Are Being Ravaged By Coronavirus

Beyond India, more and more Asian countries are being ravaged by coronavirus

As India's coronavirus catastrophe worsens, new waves of infections are fast engulfing a growing number of nations across South and Southeast Asia. Such as Sri Lanka, The Maldives, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, etc.

Especially in Nepal, so many Nepal people worked in India, after the second coronavirus waves, almost Nepal people went back to home, at the same time, the cornoavirus with them back to Nepal together.

In Nepal, the situation is increasingly resembling the crisis in India, with skyrocketing infections, overwhelmed hospitals and pleas for help from other nations.

The country is now reporting about 20 daily Covid-19 cases per 100,000 people -- about the same rate that India was reporting two weeks ago.

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