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Chip Shortage Continues

Chip Shortage Continues

Also due to Cornona, the chip shortage continues in such situation, the big car companies including BMW, Daimler, Honda and other major car companies have announced their latest shutdown plans on the 28th. They also predict that the chip shortage will be difficult to improve in the short term, and productionperformance will be under big pressure.

BMW announced on the 28th,May,  that the Oxford plant in the United Kingdom will suspend production for three days from April 30; The BMW plant in Regensburg, Germany also began to reduce production shifts this week.

Honda Motor's two plants in Saitama Prefecture will be suspended for six days, and the plant in Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture will be suspended for five days.

When Ford Motor released its first-quarter performance report on the 28th, it said that the shortage of chips may reduce its second-quarter production by half.

Ford said that the continued shortage of chips will cost it approximately US$2.5 billion and production losses of approximately 1.1 million vehicles in 2021.

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