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Introduction And Safety Of Bumper Mold Structure

The plastic front bumper mold is composed of three parts: outer plate, buffer material, and beam. The raw materials of the outer panel and the buffer material are all plastic. The beam is a U-shaped groove punched from a cold-rolled sheet. The thickness of the cold rolled sheet is about 1.5mm. The main materials used in plastic bumpers are polyester and polypropylene, and injection molding is generally used in automotive mold technology.

Automotive bumper molding design

Design Principles:

When designing an automobile bumper mold, the designer should clearly understand the principles of active safety, passive safety, coordination, and easy installation and maintenance during the design and development process of the bumper.

(1) Active safety - on the basis of maximizing the use of functions, the design of the bumper should meet the requirements of the car's prominence, and the design should implement the design concept of safety, reliability, and rationality.

(2) Passive safety - When the car collides with the outside world, the bumper, as a safety device to protect the front and rear body, has excellent energy absorption characteristics.

(3) Harmony – whether in appearance, color, or quality perception, it is necessary to pursue the characteristics of personalized bumpers, but also maintain harmony with the vehicle shape and integrate with the vehicle.

(4) Easy installation and maintenance - the bumper and its adjacent parts cannot interfere with each other, the gap should be reasonable, and the installation point should be ergonomic.


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