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Plastic Injection Mold Design Guidelines

Plastic Injection Mold Design Guidelines

wall thickness

The wall thickness of a thermoplastic part depends on several factors. These factors include the type of thermoplastic used, mechanical stress on the part, electrical performance requirements (if any), and more.

The following are general rules of thumb:

The main wall thickness of the part should be uniform

Avoid rapid thickness transitions. Instead, use a gradient thickness transition of 3 to 1.

The gate for injecting the thermoplastic should be in the thicker section

Wall Thickness Considerations

When designing plastic parts, several factors should be considered to determine the wall thickness of the part. These factors include:

Application requirements such as:

Structural strength



electrical load

The formability of parts includes

Part size

Material flows to the narrowest point

Number and location of doors

Design requirements for registration bodies such as UL or RTI



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