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Product Quality In Plastic Mould Injection Molding

Product Quality in Plastic Mould Injection Molding

Consider the total cost of ownership

Part of ensuring product quality is taking a long-term view of the project's life cycle.

When evaluating an injection molder's proposal, the total cost of ownership must be considered beyond tooling and piece estimates.

In general, higher quality molds will cost more than lower grade molds, but ultimately save the OEM many times over if unplanned downtime is reduced and defects are reduced.

Some forming partners bring more than others. For example, some contract injection molders offer experienced engineering support—a necessary resource for Design for Manufacturing (DFM) reviews. This expertise can help reduce production costs while meeting project requirements.

Traceability of plastic parts

In addition to engineering support, potential partners should also be able to provide traceability from resin raw material to finished product.

Request Quality Assurance and Certification

There is no room for faulty components or equipment in this industry. Lives are at stake when making components for medical devices. There are several ways that plastic injection molding partners can demonstrate that they are best qualified to avoid compromising quality.

Injection molding suppliers can demonstrate their ability to meet quality standards by showing potential customers that they have the necessary quality certifications and protocols for your industry.


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