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Car Grille Mold

Car Grille Mold

Mould name: Car grill mold

Part material: PP+EPDM

Grill size:1030*350*150mm

Steel of mould cavity &. core: P20

Runner type: Yudo hot runner, 4 open gates.

Mould size: 1450x780x680mm

Mould weight: 5600kg

Injection molding machine:1000T

Mould lifetime: at least 300,000shots

Finished time: 50 days.

Package: Strong wooden box.

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  Application of car grille

  An automobile grille mold is a mold specially used to manufacture automobile grilles. It processes thermoplastics and other raw materials into the shape and size of automobile grilles through injection molding and other processing techniques. Automobile grille molds are usually composed of a mold bottom plate, mold core, mold cavity and other components. The structure of the mold cavity and mold core is designed according to the required grille shape. The automobile grille mold has the characteristics of high precision, high strength, high wear resistance and high stability, and can produce automobile grilles that meet the specifications in large quantities and efficiently.

  The car grille is a part installed on the front face of the car. It is mainly used to protect the front mechanical parts, radiators and condensers of the car, and can enhance the stability of the overall structure of the front of the car and beautify the appearance of the car body. Automobile grilles are generally made of plastic, metal, carbon fiber and other materials, among which plastic grilles are the most widely used. The grille shape, color and material of different car brands and models have their own characteristics, which have become an important symbol and distinguishing factor of cars. At the same time, some high-end cars will also add lighting elements such as LED light strips and dynamic light strips to the grille to enhance the aesthetics and recognition of the car.

  Features of Auto Grille Mold

  Auto grille mold has the following characteristics:

  High precision: The automobile grille mold adopts precise numerical control processing technology and advanced measuring equipment in the process of processing, which can meet the requirements of high processing accuracy and dimensional accuracy.

  High strength: The material of the automobile grille mold is usually made of high-quality alloy steel, which has good strength and hardness, and can withstand high-strength injection pressure and impact.

  High wear resistance: Since automobile grille molds require high-frequency mold opening and closing operations, the surface of the mold needs to adopt high-hardness surface treatment technology to enhance its wear resistance.

  High stability: The design and manufacture of automotive grille molds must follow a series of norms and standards to ensure that they maintain highly stable performance during long-term use and can be produced continuously and efficiently.

  The high degree of automation: With the development of the modern automobile manufacturing industry, automobile grille molds are also developing in the direction of high automation. Through the application of various high-tech technologies, such as numerical control machining, automatic control, machine vision, etc., a highly automated process has been realized. The production process improves production efficiency and product quality.

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