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Mold Name: Washing Sink Mold
Product material: SMC
Mold steel for cavity: 1.2738
Mold steel for core: 1.2738
Steel For Mold Base: XC48
Nos. Of Cavity: 1 cavity
Surface: Chrome
Heating option: thermal oil heating
Mold Estimated size: 16800x900x1200 mm
Mold Weight: 12500KG
Press Machine Size: 1000T
Mold finished time: 55 days
Package: Anti-Rust oil, plastic film &. Strong wooden box or pallet
Location: Taizhou, China
Business Type: Manufacturer
MOQ: 1 Set
Trade Terms: FOB &. CIF
Payment Terms:
TT &. L/C.
30% prepayment before design making, 30% payment after the T1 sample, and 40% remaining before mold shipment.
Superior Performance For Compression Mold
Compression mold for SMC is a material with superior electrical properties, corrosion resistance, lightweight and easy engineering design, flexibility, etc. Its performance is very close to the metal, so it is widely used In meter box molds, automotive molds, and more. SMC composite molded fiberglass bridge is a new type of trough cable tray. The SMC composite molded fiberglass bridge has a long service life, high strength, good insulation properties, chemical resistance, and other advantages.
SMC composite molded glass fiber reinforced plastic bridge manufacturing process using.
Basic Requirements
>Press Machine
Compression Molding Process
>Cutting SMC Charge                >SMC Placement in the hot mold
>Compression moulding            >De-moulding
>Removal, deflating and fixing in the cooling device if needed


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AOXU is famous China OEM {.str_replace("Mold","Mould",$v2['title'])} suppliers; and consuetudo Washing Sink Mold societas;, has highly specialized mold in designing and manufacturing for Auto part mold, Home appliance mold, Industrial product mold,Washing Sink Mold , SMC &. BMC mold We insist on our mission of “Benefitting the world through precision and strength”;
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  How To Use The Sink Mold

  The service life and maintenance methods of the sink mold and the sink are related because the sink mold is a key tool for making sinks. Using high-quality sink molds creates a stronger, more durable sink that lasts longer. Similarly, regular maintenance and maintenance of the sink mold can also prolong its service life, thereby ensuring that the quality of the manufactured sink is more stable. In addition, regular cleaning, avoiding collisions with heavy objects, avoiding high temperatures, and timely repairs, etc., also apply to sink molds. Therefore, the service life of the sink mold and the sink is closely related to the maintenance method.

  A sink mold is a tool used to make a sink, and the following steps need to be followed when using it:

  Prepare the mold: Take the sink mold out of storage and clean and inspect. Make sure the surface of the mold is flat and free of cracks and scratches, and remove any dirt and debris.

  Prepare materials: Prepare corresponding materials and tools according to the sink material used, such as sink raw materials, catalysts, stirring rods, measuring cups, etc.

  Coating the mold: Apply the lubricant to the surface of the mold to avoid the sink's raw material from adhering to the surface of the mold and also help the sink to release from the mold.

  Mixing raw materials: Mix the sink raw materials and catalyst used in proportion and mix well until a homogeneous mixture is formed.

  Pour into the mold: Pour the mixed water tank raw materials into the mold coated with a lubricant to ensure that the raw materials are evenly distributed in the entire mold, and try to avoid the generation of air bubbles.

  Curing: Depending on the sink material used and the ambient temperature, wait for the stock to cure, usually a few hours to a few days.

  Demolding: After the raw material has fully cured, gently disassemble the mold to allow the newly made sink to be removed from the mold. Be careful to avoid using excessive force that could damage the surface of the sink.

  Finishing: Check and organize the newly made sink, remove possible residual raw materials and debris, and then carry out spraying or other subsequent processing steps.

  Please note that you need to pay attention to safety and hygiene when using the sink mold to avoid injury and contamination of the sink's raw materials. In addition, different materials and molds may have different usage methods and precautions, please operate according to the specific situation.

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