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It is understood that China's current service for the automotive mold has accounted for about one-third of all mold production. In this mold, which accounted for one-third of the total die, stamping die to account for about half of the automobile stamping die in the mold industry and the automotive industry's important position. Automobile mold is also Huangyan mold, with the continuous development of mold industry, automotive molds in the domestic mold industry has a pivotal position.

Ten years ago, China Auto Mould (Huangyan mould) was mainly based on FAW, second steam, Tian Qi, Nanjing Auto, Cheng Fei and China's Taiwan's mold team for the industry's landmark enterprises, today's investment in automotive molds thriving, auto mold enterprises have developed to dozens of, a group of fast-growing private enterprises have a considerable scale. Whether it is technically, or capacity of these enterprises are significantly more than the year's iconic enterprises. Huangyan mold in the automotive mold this piece of recent development has shown a good trend.

At present, our country's automobile industry development trend is good, our country automobile sales volume is increasing every year 26% speed, but the automobile spare parts scale is bigger than the whole vehicle, these parts 90% all depend on the mold production, this is advantageous to promote our country's automobile mold industry development. According to statistics, in recent years, China's mold factory expansion of the size of the growth trend, the annual investment of about 700 billion yuan, of which the automobile mold factory accounted for 40%, indicating that the investment of automobile molds has become one of the main investment in China's mold industry.

China's automobile mold and automobile is almost at the same time start, in 1953, FAW Tool Factory began to establish die shop, then the design capacity of 320,000 hours per year, mainly bear small, medium-sized die manufacturing and large-scale cover die maintenance tasks. Into the 21st century, China's automobile mold industry has been a great development. The design and manufacture of automobile panel die has the characteristics of great difficulty, high quality and precision, and it is the best embodiment of auto mould level.


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