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Truck Crane SMC Part Mould

Truck Crane SMC Part Mould

Mould Specfications

Mould name: Truck crane SMC part mould

Product material: SMC

Core &. Cavity Steel: 2738

Steel hardness: HRC35-38

Mould Standard: HASCO



Mold Surface: Mirror Polishing/Texture/Chrome

Heating System: OIL

Cycle Time: 5 min

Tooling lead time: 50 days

Mould life: 500,000pcs


Truck Part Molding By SMC Material

Material SMC works well for heavy duty truck parts, especially the parts requiring complexity, strength, and impact resistance.  One of the projects Aoxu Mould is working on is a heavy truck with these SMC parts, including roof spoiler and passenger’s truck fender extensions.  Each of these SMC parts is very complex in geometry because of its complex application. 

If a part needed this much complexity was manufactured with sheet metal, it would have many more pieces of the assembly and much more bracing.  Metal would also not have the resistance to corrosion and impact that is enjoyed by this composite part.


The moulding of SMC involves the compression of a glass and resin “pack” in a heated tool. The combination of pressure and heat means the material forms three-dimensional covalent bonds between polymer molecules. This process, known as cross-linking, is irreversible. Therefore, cross-linked materials cannot be melted, the result of which is a thermoset component with good strength and an ‘A’ class surface finish suitable for painting to an Automotive standard. Typical market applications are ‘A’ class body panels such as Boot Lids, Fenders and Engine Covers for the Automotive and Off Highway sectors.

A particular growth area has been the use of SMC in structural floor components in Off Highway vehicle cabs. In this application the strength of SMC, combined with the ability to be moulded into the necessary form to suit the in-cab design environment, means the customer can gain significant cost advantage over the traditional steel floor and plastic trim solution.


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