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interior dashboard mold

interior dashboard mold

Directed by market, we make molds which are in your real needs to add value, and to promote your product competence. Fully utilization of CAD, and we have been on the research of key tech, relavent tech and new tech. Our goal is to provide you with our latest designed product with a most reasonable price.

Product Details

For automobile interior plastic parts, there are high demands on appearance. So for choosing mold steel, designing the mold structure and mold polishing, especially for large size parts, there are many points need to pay attention when making injection mold and producing. Here Aoxu Mould would like to introduce to you. Any question on mold, contact Shine to have answers (email: [email protected]).


Point one: mold design

Automobile Audi Interior Dashboard Mold

Aoxu Mould offers design and engineering assistance to all customers that might benefit from our experience. Our project management can join your product development programs at any point, which can augment your in-house personnel and accelerate parts production.

Our strong designing capability facilitated with advanced software of CAD/CAM/CAE provides our customers with the service ranging from product conceptual designing, structure designing to a total solution of speedy molding. We have accumulated rich experience and knowledge in the designing and production of hot runners, air-auxiliary molds, and super-hard molds. We adopt a TQM system focused on customer service in its manufacture, actively advocates the standardization and constantly improves technical process so as to strictly supervise and control the whole process of designing and manufacturing, which has further ensured the quality of the products.


Point two: mold flow analysis

For large size mold, it's necessary to make mold flow analysis before making, which can have many advantages. A good mold flow analysis has lots of benefits, although it is time consuming, the cost is much lower than the cost of trials during nights and days on a production injection molding machine. The difficulty is not to produce colored pictures but to explain to the customers the different results, some customers have enough knowledge to understand some others no.


Advantages of mold flow analysis:

* Faster cycle times

* Reduce clamp tonnage

* Produce better quality parts

* Speed up project progress

* Reduce number of mold tests

* Deliver your parts on time

In the part or mold design phase of your project, our application engineers will explore with you all aspects of your process. Based on your specific molding requirements, we then run a fill, pack, cool and/or warp analysis and deliver our feedback in a detailed report outlining improvements and optimization. Nothing is outsourced and we ensure that our turn-around is extremely fast so you can make your important decisions quickly and with confidence.



professional experience

AOXU is famous China OEM interior dashboard mold suppliers and custom interior dashboard mold company, has highly specialized mold in designing and manufacturing for Auto part mold, Home appliance mold, Industrial product mold,interior dashboard mold , SMC &. BMC mold We insist on our mission of “Benefitting the world through precision and strength”;
Carry out our purpose of “To pursue excellence, make steel art and contribute to the community sincerely”;
Adhere to our value of “To maximize value for the customer, to work with a grateful heart, to win respect with love, to be responsible for yourself, to be responsible for the enterprise, to be responsible for the community, sustaining quality, and to make each detail to better”.

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