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Hot Runner Fruit Crate Mould

Hot Runner Fruit Crate Mould

Mould Specifications

Mould Name: Hot Runner Fruit Crate Mould

Product Name: Fruit Crate

Plastic Material: PP, HDPE

Injection System: Hot Runner

NOs. of Cavty: 1 Cavity

Mould Steel: P20, 718H

Mould Base: 45#, S50c

Lead Time: 50days

Plastic Fruit Crate Injection Mould Assembly Points

1. Mould frame processing is not complete, mainly not chamfered or deburred, not measured size. Direct influence later moulds assembly precision.

2. The insert is ground hard and too tight, resulting in the insert fracture or strain.

3. The inlay is too loose, resulting in burrs and flares.

4. Inlay chamfering is not complete, resulting in poor contact with mould inserts.

5. Poor grinding and matching of the flat top rod, too tight: breaking or pulling; too loose: burrs, flaps.

6. The insert height is not adjusted in place, resulting in poor contact with the insert parting surface.

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