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Children's Plastic Building Blocks Injection Mold

Children's Plastic Building Blocks Injection Mold

Mould Specification
Mould Name: children's plastic building blocks mould
Mould Steel: P20 with hardness treatment
Mould Cavity: According to customer requirements
Injection System: Cold runner
Ejection System: Ejector pin
Mould Life: 800,000shots
Product material: ABS
Surface treatment: Polish
Payment Term: T/T
Port: FOB Ningbo

Heat treatment scheme of mould steel
(1) according to the types of plastic products, and quality requirements.
(2) According to the production batch selection of plastic parts. When the production batch determined by other factors is smaller, the requirements for wear resistance and service life of the die are lower. Therefore, materials with lower performance indexes can be selected. Choice of conditioned composite steel or carbon steel in small quantities. Medium batch (300,000 to 1,000,000), P20, 5 Niska, SM2, MASS, 5 Niska, PMS, etc
(3) according to the size and precision requirements of plastic parts. For large precision injection moulds, when plastic parts are produced in large quantities, pre-hardened steel is used to prevent deformation from heat treatment.
(4) according to the complexity of plastic parts. Should fully consider the mold production process, as far as possible to choose free cutting hot deformation small wear-resistant materials

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