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HDPE 0.6m3 Septic Tank Mould

HDPE 0.6m3 Septic Tank Mould

Mould name: HDPE 0.6m3 Septic Tank Mould

The plastic of septic tank: Can be HDPE or LDPE

Mould material: Steel, S45c or P20 for such big mould

Injection System: Hot runner

Mould lifetime: at least 300,000pcs

In this project the injection molding machine is set to a clamping force of 3600 Tons. The MPC7.0 controller technology in combination with a specially-designed injection screw, and optimized hydraulic systems, ensures the injection process is reliable and performs smoothly.

Each 55kg shot results in a large 2.8m x 1.2m x 0.6m sceptic tank with a precise wall thickness of 3.5mm.

Running in Semi automatic mode the the cycle time for each part is 209sec.

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