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What is a bumper? What is the process of making bumpers?

Introduction of Bumper Mould's bumper

The bumper is one of the important parts of a car. It is a decorative automotive exterior trim. It not only has a decorative function, but also has the function of absorbing and mitigating external shocks, protecting the front and rear vehicle bodies, and pedestrian safety. In the past, the front and rear bumpers of the car were stamped into channel steel from sheet steel and welded or riveted to the frame rails. There is a big gap in the body, and the appearance is not beautiful. With the development of the automobile industry and the application of engineering plastics in the automobile industry, the automobile bumper has also undergone innovation as an important safety device. At present, in addition to maintaining the original protection function of the front and rear bumpers of the car,

Bumper molds have no runners or hot runners

When the plastic melt is thermally stable, the need to regrind the runners using runner-less molds can be eliminated. One common type is the hot runner mold. In this bumper mold, plastic is injected into an insulating runner plate, which is held slightly above the melt temperature by a set of individual torch heaters, and then enters each cavity through runner channels and insulating nozzles body. This is a runner's operation because there is no runner regrinding. The air gap thermally insulates the hot runner plate.

Hot runner bumper molds offer many advantages due to the removal of runners and runners. There is no material loss or contamination from regrinding, and there is no additional cost for automotive companies to mix regrind with virgin resin. Polymer properties, especially optical and electrical properties, are not altered by regrinding. Neither melting nor cooling of the recycled material wastes any energy. Effectively increase the injection volume and reduce the mold opening stroke. In the case of cold runners, this can happen during ejection and is eliminated by hot runners. The bumper mold fills faster and makes it easier to achieve balanced flow to the cavity.

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