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Plastic Chair Mould For Sidewalk Snack Booth

Plastic Chair Mould For Sidewalk Snack Booth

Mould Specifications

* The common size of chair and corresponding mould size:

500x400x880mm - 1250x820x780mm

570x540x820mm - 1300x830x820mm

380x380x580mm - 850x620x700mm

* Raw materials: pp, pp + 20% (25%) calcium carbonate, PC, PA, PA + GF

* Weight: regular chair 1700-4000g; baby chair 650-900g

* Injection method of chair mould: Hot runner

* Steel materials: SC45, P20, DIN, 1.2311, etc.

* The moulding time: the armchair is about 55-60S; No armchair is about 45-50S.


Q1: Does your company make moulds by yourself?

A:Yes, we have 27 manufacture workers, most of them have over 13 years experience. 

Q2: How many kinds of moulds can you make? 

A:We can make many kinds of moulds, the main is plastic injection moulds, we also can produce the final parts for you.

Q3: Will you send me the free sample?

A:Yes, We will send you sample after testing normally. the sample is free for 1 time. If there is more times for modifying. You need to pay for the extra shipping.

Q4: What’s the software you will use to check the drawing? And what’s format of drawing you can check?

A:Our designers and engineers use AUTO CAD and UG software to check 2D and 3D drawings. We can check the drawings with PDF, AI, DWG (CAD) and STP (3D) or IGS (3D) formats.

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