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Product Name: Pail with cover and handle
Pail material: PPCP
NOs of cavity: 1 cavity
Runner type: Yudo 1 point hot runner
Cavity and core steel: 718H
Mould base: S50c
Mold lifetime:
1,000,000shotsAoxu Mould Technology is a very professional
injection mould maunfacturer, widely recognized in the manufacture
of pail moulds, with customers all over the world.


professional experience

AOXU is famous China OEM Square Pail Mould suppliers; and consuetudo Square Pail Mould societas;, has highly specialized mold in designing and manufacturing for Auto part mold, Home appliance mold, Industrial product mold,Square Pail Mould , SMC &. BMC mold We insist on our mission of “Benefitting the world through precision and strength”;
Carry out our purpose of “To pursue excellence, make steel art and contribute to the community sincerely”;
Adhere to our value of “To maximize value for the customer, to work with a grateful heart, to win respect with love, to be responsible for yourself, to be responsible for the enterprise, to be responsible for the community, sustaining quality, and to make each detail to better”.

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Industria scientia Extensio

  The Importance Of Square Barrel Molds For Square Barrel Making

  The square barrel mold is very important for square barrel making, because the square barrel mold is one of the key tools for making the square barrel. To make a square barrel, you need to make a square barrel mold first, then put the mold into the injection molding machine, and then add the corresponding raw materials. After a high temperature and high-pressure molding process, you can get the square barrel product that meets the requirements.

  If there is no square barrel mold, it is impossible to produce square barrels with consistent specifications, sizes and shapes, which will lead to low production efficiency and increased production costs, and may also affect the quality and service life of the square barrels. The high-quality square barrel mold can ensure the production of square barrel products that meet the standard requirements and stable quality, improve production efficiency and reduce costs, and enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises.

  Manufacturing Process Of Square Barrel Mold

  The manufacturing process of the square barrel mold generally includes the following steps:

  Design plan: According to the needs and requirements of customers, design the shape, size, structure and other related parameters of the square barrel mold, and draw up detailed design drawings and specifications.

  Making the mold core: According to the design plan, select the appropriate material (usually metal materials such as steel, aluminum or copper), and make the mold core through turning, milling, drilling, wire cutting and other processes.

  Making the mold shell: According to the design plan, select suitable materials (usually metal materials such as steel plate or aluminum plate), and make the mold shell by bending, welding, drilling and other processes.

  Assembling the mold: Assemble the mold core and mold shell, and process and adjust to ensure the precision and quality of the mold.

  Test the mold: test the finished mold, including the appearance, size, structure, service life and quality of the finished product produced by the mold.

  Improve the mold: According to the test results and customer feedback, make necessary improvements and improvements to the mold to meet customer requirements and standards.

  Delivery to customers: After the completion of production and testing, deliver the molds to customers, and provide necessary technical support and after-sales service to ensure customer satisfaction and continuous cooperation.

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